Monday, April 22, 2013

The Ghost Witch by Betty Ren Wright

Title: The Ghost Witch
Author: Betty Ren Wright
Publication Date: 1993
Length: 101 pages

Jenny and her mom inherit a house from an old lady named Miss Nagle, and Jenny's excited to be able to move out of their tiny apartment. That is, until she goes to the house, and starts seeing giant snakes, dragons, and other beasts. It turns out Miss Nagle's grandmother was a witch, and now she's a ghost witch who haunts this house. Jenny has to find a way to get the ghost witch to leave her alone so she can live in peace.

This is the first Betty Ren Wright book I've reviewed on this blog, but I've loved her books for a long time. I discovered her in the children's section of the public library when I was a kid, and then a few years ago I found a bunch of her books at the library book sale so I quickly scooped them up!

I love the way Jenny figures out how to deal with the ghost witch, making a deal with her that will let her scare way more people than just those that live in her house. Characters in Betty Ren Wright books tend not to just run away in fear, but instead confront it and find a way to deal with it, which I quite like. This was a fun ghost story.

5 stars.

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