Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bright Star by Nickie Anderson

Title: Bright Star
Author: Nickie Anderson
Publication Date: November 9, 2012
Length: about 248 pages (ebook)

Sadira is sad when her father doesn't make it home for her birthday, but things get worse when her class goes to see a hovership launch, her father gets on the ship, and then the ship falls from the sky. The government tells her her father is dead, but a private named Baruj is sure that the crew is still alive, and wants to head out into the desert to find them.

I was expecting a bit more dystopia from this one. There was good set up for one; citizens are required to take a pill each day! So much potential! But nothing much comes of it. Eventually past events come to light that explain how this is a dystopia, though, which is a good subplot. I wish that were more of the story, instead of being sort of on the side.

The problem I had with the main plot of this story is the lack of motivation. Sadira goes in search of her father, which may seem like motivation enough, but her father is, to put it lightly, a huge jerk. She seems obsessed with him, yet in all her memories she describes of him along the way, he comes across as mean and uncaring. Who teaches a child not to cry, because crying doesn't solve problems? And I can understand still loving your father even if he's not very nice, but she acts like he's perfect, and seems somehow surprised when he acts like a jerk some more.

So, I definitely liked the premise of this story, and the dystopian elements, but I had trouble connecting to the characters, which can really throw off a book for me.

3 stars.

Full disclosure: Free ebook copy received from the author.

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