Hello! I'm Lianne. I read books and like to talk about them, so now I'm going to talk about them here.

A Bit About Me
I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba (that's in Canada, for readers of the far-away and/or geographically-challenged variety). I'm 24. I have a Bachelor of Computer Science. I play the piano and like to dance. I've been reading enthusiastically since before I learned to read (I used to memorise Dr. Suess books so I could read them to myself). During the 4.5 years I spent in university, my reading time became severely limited. Since graduating in December 2010 I have eased myself back into my old schedule of constant reading, and it's been wonderful. So I decided to share my renewed book-related excitement by writing about the books I read, and thus The Towering Pile was born.

A Bit About My Books
I have a lot of books. Specifically, I have a lot of books I haven't read. As of the beginning of this blog, I own 644 books that I've never read. That number has the unfortunate tendency to stay pretty much the same. (Hey, at least it's not going up anymore!) (Update: Yes it is. It's at 717 now.) So, this blog is about that towering pile of books, and my efforts to conquer that pile.

In accordance with that goal, I participate in lots of challenges for added motivation and fun. See my reading challenges page for more information.

A Bit About My Reviews
Insert here the usual bit about how my reviews will be brutally honest even if someone gives me a book for free. I use a 5 star rating system, which corresponds with Goodreads's system. So, 1 to 5 stars mean, respectively, "didn't like it", "it was ok", "liked it", "really liked it", "it was amazing".

If you're an author or publisher and you'd like to provide me with a copy of a book to review, please see my review policy.

If you'd like to contact me for any reason (including wanting to do a guest post, just stopping by to say hi, etc.), you can email me at TheToweringPile@gmail.com.

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