Review Policy

A Note to Authors and Publishers

If you would like to send me a copy of a book to review, please send me a message through my Contact Me page, or email me at I may or may not accept the copy, but if I do, I will read the whole thing and review it on my blog. I don't promise a positive review, but I do promise a fair and honest review, and I'm generally not too harsh. :)

Genres I'm likely to accept: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, General Fiction, Young Adult, Children's
Genres I probably won't accept: Non-fiction, Romance, Mystery

More detail on fantasy/sci fi genres: I do like most fantasy, but sword & sorcery and sword & sandal aren't really my thing. I like high fantasy, and urban fantasy is my absolute favourite. As for sci fi, I tend to lean away from hard sci fi. I really like steampunk, dystopian, and Star Trek.

I have access to a Kobo, so ebooks are fine as long as they are in ePub format. I can read PDFs, but they are really unpleasant to read (there's lots of scrolling involved), so an ePub would be much appreciated. Audiobooks are also fine. I do enjoy a nice paperback, however. :)

I will try to complete reviews in a timely manner. My time from receiving a review copy to posting the review is currently about a month. If there is a specific date on which you'd like a review published, let me know as far in advance as possible and I'll probably be able to accomodate you.

My book reviews are also linked to on Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook.

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