Saturday, September 1, 2012

Review Copy Cleanup - Wrap Up

The August 2012 Review Copy Cleanup Challenge is over! To sum up, I kicked this challenge's butt. I mean, I didn't actually catch up, because I got a whole bunch more review copies during the challenge, but I read way more than I planned to, so I consider it to be a huge success!

At the start of the month, I had 7 review copies, and my goal was to read 5 of them, along with 2 books I needed to read for other challenges. I read 6 of those original review books, plus another 5 review copies I got during the challenge! Wow! Altogether I read 16 books, 11 of which were review copies. Basically, I'm sick of looking at my Kobo, haha. One thing I've learned in the last month is that while I don't mind ebooks, I have my limits!

I now have 7 review copies, which is the same number I had at the beginning of the challenge, so technically I didn't actually catch up. But this month I definitely got more new review copies than usual! I got a few new NetGalleys, plus a couple physical copies I'd requested ages ago, and a few authors contacted me with review requests. So it's been a busy month. I'm super happy with my progress, and just want to thank Vicky and Celine for organising the challenge again. You guys are awesome!


  1. Congratulations! You did much better than I did, as 16 books is amazing!

    1. Thanks! I did give up on a couple, which helped, and there were some short books in there, but I'm quite thrilled with my progress. :)