Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bloggiesta - To Do List

My first Bloggiesta starts tomorrow! Once I started thinking of things to improve on my blog, I couldn't stop, so I now have a rather huge to do list. I hope that by the end of this weekend, this blog will have seen some nice improvements!

  • Add Goodreads links to all reviews, and to my review template.
  • Add Book Depository links to all reviews, and to my review template.
  • Go through all posts and add links between them wherever necessary.
  • Go through all posts and make sure they have all the right categories.
  • Catch up on my reviews.
  • Catch up on copying my reviews over to Goodreads. DONE!
  • Change my bold headers on my monthly wrap-ups to actual HTML headers. DONE!
  • Add Random Reads line to my monthly wrap-ups. DONE!
  • Move at least 3 blogs in my pending category in Google Reader either to my Books category (book bloggers that I lurve) or out of my Google Reader (book bloggers who are probably cool but we have nothing in common).
  • Check out a few other blogs that are participating in Bloggiesta and comment/add them to pending on Google Reader.
  • Update my little blog roll thingy on my sidebar that I always forget is there.


  1. Great list! I need to update my Goodreads reviews too, as well as catch up on my reviews and organize my reader. So much to do in only one short weekend! Hope you have a blast!

    1. I'm actually almost caught up on my reviews right now, which is good, since there are so many other things on my list!

      Good luck and have fun this weekend! :)

  2. Replies
    1. I participated, but ended up spending most of the weekend reading, and hardly got anything done! Oh well, at least now I have a to do list! :)