Monday, September 24, 2012

Carrie Read-a-Long: Part 2: Prom Night

This post is the second of three updates for the Carrie Read-a-Long, which covers part 2 of the book, called Prom Night. Part 1 is here. This post will contain spoilers. You have been warned!

My main impression while reading this book is that Carrie is not the villain. That might be obvious, but as I read it I can imagine people calling Carrie a villain. I mean, she does kill an awful lot of people. But the real villains are her mother, who ruined her life by raising her all crazy-like, and Chris and Billy, who make the people who bullied me as a kid look like teddy bears.

During the prom, Carrie seemed so hopeful. Like her life could have turned out all right if it weren't for the horrible people surrounding her. So mostly I just feel sad for her. She proved that she could dress up nice, carry on normal conversations, and just basically fit in, if given the chance. But then that chance is taken away from her, and it's just heartbreaking.


  1. Billy was such a psycho! Him and Chris getting together was a perfect storm of crazy. It was so sad, that Carrie thought everyone was in on it, that this was just one more thing they had done to break her. Carrie isn't the villain, but at some point she does seem to enjoy the destruction she's bringing... but honestly, can you blame the poor girl? And then after all that, she has to go home to Momma White...

    1. Yeah, Billy and Chris together were pretty scary. I agree that Carrie does start to get pleasure out of her revenge in some parts, but I think it's understandable considering all the crap she's had to deal with.

      I think what disturbed me the most was how Carrie went home to her mother and started apologising and wanting to pray with her. I was like, do you not realise that all the problems in your life are her fault?!