Sunday, April 22, 2012

Starrise at Corrivale by Diane Duane: DNF

Title: Starrise at Corrivale (Harbinger #1)
Author: Diane Duane
Publication Date: 1998
Length: 377 pages

I should have known I wouldn't like this one. Just look at the cover. It is the opposite of what I would call "so me". But it's by Diane Duane! And Diane Duane writes the Young Wizards books, which I LOVE! And this book was written when she was about halfway through that series, so it's not like her writing style would have changed.

I read about 60 pages. It took me days to get that far. Nothing was happening. So I gave up.

Also, the writing was bad. What the heck, Diane Duane?! What happened when you wrote this book?

I rarely give up on books, so it was tough. But I've got a TBR pile that never ends, so I can't waste time on duds.

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