Thursday, January 17, 2013

My TBR shelf by pages - January 2013

One year ago today, I figured out how many books I had of various lengths on my TBR pile, to get an idea of the "bigness" of the books I need to read. I also challenged myself to read my three longest TBR books over the next year. 6 months later, I did an update.

Continuing this tradition, it's time for another update! Here are my current book length stats, in a table with the previous stats for comparison. Because HTML is fun!

January 17, 2012July 17, 2012January 17, 2013

Basically, other than the progress I made on the very longest books, all the numbers have gone up, because I just bought so many books last year! This year, I plan to be a lot more disciplined in terms of reading more books than I bring in each month. So hopefully at the next update the numbers will have gone down across the chart.

My three longest TBR books one year ago were The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll, Shōgun, and The Witching Hour. I ended up reading two of those. I didn't get to Shōgun. My mistake was waiting too long to get started; I didn't read any of these books in the first 6 months, so it ended up feeling like way too many pages. This year I'll make sure to start earlier rather than cramming near the end.

Here are my three longest books now, which I plan to read in the next year:
  1. Shōgun by James Clavell (1211 pages)
  2. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke (1006 pages)
  3. The Golden Book of Faerie by O.R. Melling (946 pages)

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