Friday, January 20, 2012

My TBR shelf by pages

I had some spare time on my hands a few days ago, and decided to count my "long" books on Goodreads, where long is not well-defined but has something to do with number of pages. It all started with me sorting my to read shelf by number of pages, and saying "oh look, I only have 4 books on my to read list that are over 1000 pages!", and then Mr. Towering Pile told me that books are long if they're over 300 pages, so I should count that. And that's how I ended up counting how many books I had over various lengths, from 300 to 1000. To make a long story short, I decided to keep this list of numbers, and see what the difference is at various times throughout the year. Because I'm cool like that! Ha..ha...

So these are the numbers as of January 17, 2012:
>1000 pages: 4 books
>900 pages: 6
>800 pages: 12
>700 pages: 19
>600 pages: 30
>500 pages: 57
>400 pages: 105
>300 pages: 178

Since I have 648 books on my to read shelf at the moment, that means that 470 of them are less than 300 pages long! I find that statistic comforting, somehow. Like, maybe that means I won't be in my 70s when I have finally read all the books I own.

On a related note, I've decided to read at least the three longest books on my to read shelf in 2012! This is just for fun and to make my to read shelf less intimidating. Between that and my normal reading, those numbers up above should go down a lot this year. I realise there's a Chunkster Challenge that would be appropriate for these goals, but I find that challenge too elitist for my liking (it's nothing personal, I just don't do challenges that are based on the idea that audiobooks and e-books are less "impressive" than paper books).

So, here are my 3 longest books:
  1. The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll (1293 pages)
  2. Shōgun by James Clavell (1211 pages)
  3. The Witching Hour by Anne Rice (1043 pages)


  1. Love this. I looked at my pages too! Fascinating information!