Monday, January 28, 2013

The Living Room by Bill Rolfe

Title: The Living Room
Author: Bill Rolfe
Publication Date: June 2012
Length: about 155 pages (ebook)

Daniel Clay is a successful businessman, who has everything in life, except family. His boss tells him he needs to make time to meet someone, so when he finds out he's inherited a house in England, it's the perfect chance for him to take a long-overdue vacation. Once there, he meets a pediatric nurse who cares for dying children, and she arranges for children who are close to death to stay in a beautiful room in his house, which she says will make the children feel alive. When Daniel has trouble dealing with the children dying, he prays for a miracle. He gets it, but at a price.

When I heard that this book came to the author in a dream, it made me nervous. And when I realised the book was about miracles, I was even more apprehensive. But this book won me over with the pure emotion of it. It made me cry, and that wins a book points from me.

The Living Room is not really an easy story to read. Children die in it, which is always tough to read about. But I think it was handled really well in this case. You really get to see the pain experienced by those who grow close to the child near the end, but without feeling totally depressed. Because ultimately, this story is filled with hope. When some of the children miraculously get better, and even when the children are sick but get to experience some moments of true happiness, this story is anything but a downer.

5 stars.

Full disclosure: Free ebook copy received from the author.

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