Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 Anne Rice Challenge: Reviews

The 2013 Anne Rice Challenge started on January 1, 2013, and continues until December 31, 2013. If you haven't signed up for the challenge yet, you can still sign up any time before the end of November.

This is where you can link to your reviews. The inlinkz will be open until the end of January 2014, so you'll have plenty of time to get all your reviews in. (For any fast readers who have already reviewed a book for this challenge, I'm sorry this post wasn't up sooner!)

For your name in the Inlinkz, please put your name, and then in brackets put the name of the book you're reviewing. Eg. Lianne (Lasher). That way it'll be easy for everyone to read reviews of a particular book. :)

Enjoy the challenge, everyone! I look forward to reading everyone's reviews!


  1. I really like this challenge! It's my first year to join official challenge, and I already joined two... I'll think about it!!

    1. You only need to read one book to complete this challenge, so it doesn't have to be a big commitment! :)

  2. I went for level Louis de Pointe du Lac (1 to 5 books) and I finished my 5th book the 11th of October.
    2013 Anne Rice Challenge finished

  3. Just posted my review for The Wolf Gift and that makes me ...DONE! Whew! Just in the nic of time. :)