Friday, October 4, 2013

Lichgates by S.M. Boyce

Title: Lichgates (The Grimoire Saga #1)
Author: S.M. Boyce
Publication Date: 2011
Length: 336 pages

During a sudden storm, Kara passes through a Lichgate and becomes trapped in an underground library. There, she opens the Grimoire and becomes its master, giving her great power. Now trapped in the world of Ourea, she gets caught up in an old conflict that is intensified by her arrival. The one person she may (or may not) be able to trust is Braedan, who has a dark secret and past that he's constantly running from.

This is just good fantasy. Ourea, the hidden world that exists alongside ours, is beautifully created. There are multiple peoples, with their own cultures, that coexist with a delicate peace (and in some cases not even that). The types of magic in this story are unique, like the concept of Bloods, the leaders of each race, who can control their people with their minds.

The romance in this book is the best kind: the kind where I'm all

but instead they act like real life people and don't fall right into love without even knowing each other. But this is just the first book in the series, so there's lots of time for romance to develop!

This book has a lot going for it: intense plot, original fantasy elements, great characters.

4 stars.

Full disclosure: Free ebook copy received from the publisher through NetGalley.

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