Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 Seriously Series Challenge

On a Book Bender and Reading the Paranormal have teamed up to bring us the Seriously Series Reading Challenge. The goal is to finish series that we've started (or haven't started yet), or at least catch up on as much of the series as we already own. Click the image above for full details and to sign up.

Series started before 2013 - Seriously Serious: 7-12 series
Series started in 2013 - Seriously Serious: 7-12 series
Series rereads - Semi-Serious: 1-6 series

I'm trying not to start too many new series until I finish at least a few of the ones I've already started, so those are my focus. My series rereads are all books I need to reread to refresh my memory before I read the newer books, and my series started in 2013 are largely ones that I only have 1 book of (though I might get more during the year).

Series started before 2013 (7 series, 10 books):

Series started in 2013 (8 series, 10 books):
  • The Selection by Kiera Cass
    • The Selection
    • The Prince
  • Divergent by Veronica Roth
    • Divergent
  • Maze Runner by James Dashner
    • The Maze Runner
  • Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness
    • The Knife of Never Letting Go
  • The Well of Echoes by Ian Irvine
  • The Grimoire Saga by S.M. Boyce
  • Monstrosity by Jesse Petersen
    • Club Monstrosity
    • The Monsters in Your Neighbourhood
  • The Vampire's Promise by Caroline B. Cooney
    • Deadly Offer

Series rereads (1 series, 7 books):

There are going to be quarterly update posts, where we can share our progress and also update our goals if necessary, which I'll do if I end up buying more books in any of these series.


  1. Woot! Your list looks very different from mine, but wow, that's a lot of great looking books! I'm curious about the Sisterhood series on your list. Hopefully you'll post reviews? :)

    1. For sure! I post reviews of every book I read. :)

      I can't wait to reread those Sisterhood books, and finally read the rest of the series!

  2. Glad you're joining us, Lianne! Good luck getting those series read. :)