Friday, November 29, 2013

The Show (Northwest Passage #3) by John A. Heldt

Title: The Show (Northwest Passage #3)
Author: John A. Heldt
Publication Date: February 16, 2013
Length: about 290 pages (ebook)

The Show is the third book in the Northwest Passage series, but is a direct sequel to the first book, The Mine. Warning: This review will contain spoilers from The Mine.

The Show starts by backtracking a bit, giving us the end of The Mine from Grace's perspective. We follow her into the year 2000 and into her new life with Joel. Fast forward a few years, and Grace's newfound happiness is torn from her when she inadvertantly enters another time portal, this one sending her back to 1941. When it seems like the requirements for the portal to send her back will never happen again, Grace soon loses hope of returning to her life with Joel. She starts a new life, getting to know her parents as young adults, and befriends an injured army captain.

This story was so heartbreaking! I can't imagine suddenly being separated from my family and having to consider starting a new life. It's so sad to watch her with Captain Walker; he's so devoted to her, and I would want them to be together were it not for Joel, who I hoped all along she'd get back to. It really tore my heart in two! And as can be expected, whichever way the story turns out, it's both joyful and heartbreaking.

One thing I learned about Grace in this book is that she has no respect for the timeline! If this were Back to the Future, she'd be in big trouble. Luckily for her, John Heldt takes the other approach to time travel, where you can't really mess up your own past. Still, some of her actions are straight up crazy. She is led very much by her heart, though, so her illogical decisions are still always relatable.

5 stars. I can't get enough of this series!

Full disclosure: I received a free ebook copy of this book from the author.

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