Friday, August 24, 2012

The Tale of the Body Thief by Anne Rice

Title: The Tale of the Body Thief
Author: Anne Rice
Publication Date: 1992 (audiobook: 1994)
Length: 19:15 (audiobook)

The Tale of the Body Thief is the fourth book in the Vampire Chronicles, and the third one "written" by Lestat. He tells the story of his experience with a man named Raglan James, a body thief, who offers Lestat a chance to temporarily switch bodies, allowing him to regain his lost humanity, see the sun, etc. You're probably thinking that this was a stupid idea for Lestat to buy into, as there are no shortage of things that could go wrong. You're right, of course, but Lestat's not all that bright when his mind is clouded by temptation.

This was the first time in my foray into audiobooks (which have all been the Vampire Chronicles) that I've actually enjoyed the audiobook more than the original book. Maybe it's just because Frank Muller is wonderful (as I've described in my reviews of the previous books), and my appreciation for him seems to grow with each book I listen to. Or maybe it's because I never liked this book as much as the previous ones in the first place. Certainly I still found myself getting a headache from rolling my eyes so much as Lestat makes stupid mistake after stupid mistake, but I still can't help but love the brat prince, and Frank Muller has really given him a whole new dimension for me that makes me love him even more.

4 stars.

This book counts for the 2012 Anne Rice Challenge.

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  1. I think I might start from the beginning of this series and see if I can found it on audio.