Monday, January 16, 2012

Winners of the Grimoire Chronicles giveaway!

Last week, I hosted a giveaway for The Grimoire Chronicles: Veil Between Worlds by Sally Dubats. Those who entered got a chance to win one of 5 copies of Sally's e-book. As it turns out, 6 people entered, which would have left one rather disappointed participant. However, Sally has generously decided to give all six entrants a copy! Yay!

Therefore, I will soon be e-mailing the following people to congratulate them, and then Sally will be sending them their free e-books:

  • Jamie Godsafe
  • Liza Lambertini
  • Dana Williams
  • Shannon McLaughlin
  • Rachel Vessar
  • Stephanie Knowles
Congratulations to our winners! And thanks for entering!

If you didn't enter the giveaway, and you want to buy The Grimoire Chronicles: Veil Between Worlds, you can get it on Smashwords (affiliate link).

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