Sunday, January 1, 2012

Unraveling Isobel by Eileen Cook

Title: Unraveling Isobel
Author: Eileen Cook
Publication Date: January 3, 2012 (the day after tomorrow!)
Length: 304 pages

Isobel's mom has just married a guy she met a few months ago on the Internet. Now Isobel has to move away from all her friends in her senior year of high school, to go live in an estate on a small island. Her new stepdad's name is Richard (which Isobel says is just a fancy version of Dick), and he has a son Isobel's age named Nathaniel who is gorgeous but who will now be her step-brother. Things are not looking up for Isobel. Then she starts either seeings ghosts or going crazy, and much plot ensues.

I really, REALLY like this book. The writing really put me right back in a teenager's shoes (admittedly not that long ago for me) to the point where I could feel everything Isobel was feeling, which I've always believed is enough to make a book pretty darn good in and of itself.

I have a crush on Nathaniel. He is several years younger than me and also a fictional character but my FEELINGS don't know that! Ahem. Moving on.

Isobel does seem to make some pretty stupid decisions at times (Oh yes, let's tell mom again that I saw a ghost. That will definitely be effective and not at all make her think I'm going crazy.), but people do that in books all the time and it didn't really bother me (except that sometimes I'd yell at her, kind of like I do when I watch horror movies and people run upstairs).

Oh, also, there are mysteries, because Dick's first wife and daughter died 7 months ago in mysterious circumstances, so there are rumours afoot! Add to that ghosts, annoying cheerleaders, and a light dose of teen angst, and you've got yourself a mighty fine read.

Full marks on whatever scoring system you might use!

Full disclosure: Free ebook copy received from the publisher.

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