Monday, April 28, 2014

Mt. TBR, all in one place!

Inspired by the picture on Stacy's Books of her TBR pile, I decided to take one of my own. I had never before put all of my to-read books in one pile. They're normally somewhat split up by bookshelf, but not perfectly, since I like to keep all the books by one author together even if I've read only some of them. So this was a fun and surprising experience for me. I did not, for example, realise just how much of my TBR pile was made up of R.L. Stine books!

So here it is! Behold the great Mt. TBR:

And now, the same pile in panorama view (which was my attempt to get a closer shot without cutting off the edges, which I'm not sure really helped):

I counted the pile (yes, seriously) and got 744, which is a bit worrisome because according to Goodreads there are supposed to be 752 books there. So, an audit of my book collection may be in order!

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