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Lizzy Speare and the Cursed Tomb by Ally Malinenko

Title: Lizzy Speare and the Cursed Tomb
Author: Ally Malinenko
Publication Date: September 12, 2012
Length: about 207 pages (ebook)

As far as Lizzy Speare knows, she's just a normal girl, with a talent for writing and a love of Shakespeare. But when her father disappears, and Lizzy and her friend Sammy are kidnapped by a man named Jonathan Muse who claims to be protecting her, she discovers an amazing secret: she's a direct descendant of William Shakespeare. And Dmitri Marlowe, direct descendant of Christopher Marlowe, keeps telling her things that make her unsure who to trust. She doesn't know either of these men, and trusting the wrong one could be disastrous.

Lizzy often frustrated me with her questionable decision making, but she is a fun, strong-willed character. And it's certainly understandable that she doesn't whose side she's on, since everyone seems to be lying to her or hiding things from her all the time. Especially when no one seems to be doing much to help her find her father.

I liked the interactions between all the characters. The relationships between the muses and their artists was really interesting, and would be a great basis for stories all on its own. And of course there's nothing like a feud that has been going on between two families for centuries.

At times I did feel like this book had a bit too much going on, especially for a middle-grade novel. There's lots of interesting stuff in there, but I feel like a lot of it isn't explored as much as it could be, just because there's so much in there that there isn't time. This is especially true with all the mythological creatures who are introduced.

3 stars.

Full disclosure: Free ebook copy received from the author.

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