Thursday, December 19, 2013

2014 Diversity on the Shelf Reading Challenge

My Little Pocketbooks

My Little Pocketbooks has started a new challenge, inspired by the POC Reading Challenge, called Diversity on the Shelf. The goal is to read books written by or about people of colour, thus diversifying our reading experiences and supporting diversity in the publishing industry.

This is a great challenge for me, because my reading experience is seriously lacking in diversity. The majority of the books I read are now written by women, and recently I have actively sought out books by LGBT authors, but I honestly can't think of a book I've read recently by an author who isn't white. That's a tad embarassing.

Since my book collection lacks in this area, I'll have to look beyond my own shelves for this one. As suggested on the challenge post, I'll be getting inspiration from the POC Reading Challenge blog. There are also plenty of Listopia lists on Goodreads that will give me ideas.

Since I'm trying to be more realistic with my challenge goals this year, I'll start with the lowest level, 1st Shelf: read 1 to 6 books. I'll list the books below as I read them, and link to the reviews as I write them.
  1. The Returned by Jason Mott
  2. The Hunt (The Hunt #1) by Andrew Fukuda


  1. Welcome to the challenge Lianne. I love the honesty in your post and I love your williness to challenge yourself. I hope you have fun with this challenge as well. Looking forward to seeing your selections.

  2. Just wanted to let you know I am posting 12 book recommendations a month for the participates of the Diversity on the Shelf Reading Challenge. This gives everyone a few new titles and old ones too, in all genres to consider during the year. Thanks for signing up!! :)