Thursday, October 11, 2012

Same book, different title!

I had an exciting package arrive in the mail recently. I ordered a couple R.L. Stine books that seem to be particularly difficult to find. One of them, The Witness, was delivered yesterday, and I was pumped, because that means I now have all the Point Horror books written by R.L. Stine! Yay!!

So I was adding it to Goodreads, and I flipped through it, to check the number of pages. (I'm a Goodreads Librarian, and I like to make sure the info on all my books is right.) That's when I noticed that at the top of each page, where you'd expect to see the title (or a chapter title, or something), it said "I Saw You That Night!". That's odd, I thought to myself. Isn't that the name of another R.L. Stine book I have?

Why yes, yes it is. And a quick glance and the back cover and the first page told me that they are in fact the same book! I Saw You That Night! was republished as The Witness. This is apparently not well-known. They were separate books on Goodreads (I combined them). And everywhere I saw a list of this series, they were both listed. I feel like I've made a big discovery! Haha.

So, I already had all the Point Horror books. Probably the reason why The Witness was so hard to find was because (I think) it's the UK edition. Live and learn, I guess!


  1. I really hate when that happens. I feel like there should be some kind of warning or something.

    1. I know! I'm really surprised that of all those lists on the internet, none of them bothered to mention that two books are actually the same!