Thursday, March 15, 2012

RCC Challenge: Cuddle Up With a Book

Whoops, almost missed this one! I'm a bit behind on both my blogging and my Google Reader reading! Sorry, things have been a bit hectic lately, but I'm still here!

The purpose of this challenge is to share our favourite reading spots. I have two. First, my bed! Most of my reading is done at bed time. I go to bed, and then read for often an hour or more before going to sleep. Meaning I usually go to bed at a good time but still don't get nearly enough sleep. :)
My bed!
I also often read in my chair in the living room. This is where I spend most of the read-a-thons! An important feature of this spot is that blanket there, which is soooo comfy! It's one of those ones they've had on sale at Chapters, where you get it for $30 if you buy $50 worth of books (come on, gimme a challenge, Chapters!). The picture's not great; the only light in the living room is that lamp beside the chair, and I took this picture in the evening, so all the light's behind the chair.
My chair!
Where do you like to read?

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