Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm finally caught up!

Not on my TBR pile, obviously. :) But on my reviews and Google Reader!

So here's what happened. I read a book, and it took me like 2 weeks. Which book? It's a secret! (Unless you look at my Goodreads profile, in which case it will be obvious.) You'll find out when the review goes up tomorrow morning. Anywho, I did not enjoy this book. Hence the 2 weeks. I read slower when I don't like what I'm reading, which is a very unfortunate pattern. I also felt uninspired, so I didn't write anything else on the blog, and for whatever reason I also ignored Google Reader.

But I finished the book! And, I reviewed the previous book I'd read, Stolen, as well as the book I didn't like. AND, I got caught up on Google Reader! So, I can now return to my normal schedule of reading books, reviewing them, posting other stuff, and actually reading other people's blog posts and commenting on them. Yay!

Sneak preview: I'm now reading Cinder, and really liking it so far!

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  1. I just caught up on my reader too. I should do a little happy dance. Congrats to you :)