Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sign up: The 2012 Anne Rice Challenge!

Update: Post your reviews here!

I've been trying to read all the Anne Rice books for awhile now, but I always read a few and then move on to something else, simply because the books are kind of long and I have trouble committing to so much pre-determined reading. But 2012 will be the year.

Join me in one of several levels, according to how many Anne Rice books you plan to read in 2012.

  • Ebooks are fine. Audiobooks are fine as long as they are the unabridged versions.
  • Rereads and crossovers with other challenges are fine.
  • You can change your level at any time.
  • The challenge goes from January 1st to December 31st, 2012.
  • If you read, for example, the edition that has the first 3 Vampire Chronicles books together in one volume, that still counts as 3. We're going by how the books were originally published.
  • All books written by Anne Rice count, not just the Vampire Chronicles, including those written under a pseudonym.
  • You can sign up any time from now until November 30, 2012.
  • Louis de Pointe du Lac (1 to 5 books)
  • Lestat de Lioncourt (6 to 10 books)
  • Armand (11 to 15 books)
  • Marius de Romanus (16 to 20 books)
  • Maharet (21 to 25)
  • Akasha (26 to 30)
I plan to participate at the level of Marius de Romanus, as I currently have 20 Anne Rice books I plan to read. I may jump up to Maharet if I get the few recent books of hers I'm missing. I've read 8 of her books in the past, including the first 6 Vampire Chronicles books and her first 2 standalones. I'll be rereading the Vampire Chronicles to refresh my memory for the later books in the series, but won't be rereading the standalones. I'm even going to give her religious books a try. I will not, however, be reading her erotica, or her autobiography. Therefore, the books I hope to read are as follows (as I write the reviews I'll link to them here):


  1. Hi! I would love to participate in this challenge as I have several unread books by Anne Rice. Count me in! :)

  2. Welcome to the challenge! Glad to have you! If you add your link to the linky (click "Add your link" above), it will be easier for other people in the challenge to find you. :)

  3. Hi! I was trying to find the linky awhile ago but it took a while to appear. Somethings up with my internet connection as pages take a while to load. :)

    Anyways, I've added my link to the linky above. :)

  4. What about her new one, "The Wolf Gift," sue out Frb 14th?

  5. Hi, Anya. My goal for this year is to read all the Anne Rice books that I currently own, which is almost all of her books, but not quite. However, all books, including The Wolf Gift, do count for the challenge, so if other people want to read it for the challenge they're certainly welcome to. :) The list above is just my own reading plan.