Monday, November 28, 2011

Get Read-y for 2012! (and, therefore, a read-a-thon)

The Get Read-y for 2012 challenge (or theme, or whatever) will run for the entire month of December 2011. The goal is to get your tbr pile down to a small, manageable pile. My reaction to that is the same as Bev's from My Reader's Block: maniacal laughter.

My tbr pile will not be small and manageable for years, if not decades. I've come to accept that. So, my goal for the month will be to make sure that as of the New Year, I have no library books out waiting to be read, and I have no NetGalley books, etc., waiting to be read or reviewed. So, my tbr pile will still be huge, but it will all be read-at-my-leisure type stuff, not omg-I-need-to-read-this-by-Tuesday! type stuff.

Accordingly, this weekend I will be participating in a Belated Readathon. I actually did the last Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon, but I'm gonna do this one anyway because I had so much fun and don't want to wait until April to do it again. :) I may or may not stay up the whole time this time, though. But in any case, it will help me get a few books out of the way before the end of the year.

The readathon starts on December 3rd at 6:00am if you're on Central Time (ie. you live in Winnipeg, Austin, Chicago, Mexico City, Birmingham, or one of a whole bunch of other cities).

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to do one big post that I update throughout the day, or a bunch of separate update posts, but in any case I'll only do updates every 2 hours or so, so you won't have 24 posts from me in 24 hours flooding your feed reader. :)

This is a really small read-a-thon compared to Dewey's, so it's important that we support each other, because silence sucks when you're staying up all night! So if you're participating, let me know so we can cheer each other on!


  1. Okay, I am lol-ing over your maniacal laughter over getting the reading pile under control. I realized even as I prep for this, I am adding books to it I see others are reading.

    Happy reading and winding down 2011 whilst winding down that TBR pile!

  2. Even if I wasn't buying more book this month (which I totally am; I just bought a book for myself at Chapters just so I would be over $50 and get to use the mystery gift card), my tbr pile wouldn't be under control. Alas! There are worse problems to have. :)