Sunday, October 25, 2020

Read-a-Thon hours 17 and 18: 23:00 - 1:00

Currently reading: Angel Omnibus, vol. 1

Pages read these hours: 168

Total pages so far: 825

Books finished:
Help! I'm Trapped in a Vampire's Body by Todd Strasser
The Other (Animorphs #40) by K.A. Applegate
Among the Ghosts by Amber Benson

Snacks: a hot chocolate float (hot chocolate with a scoop of ice cream added)

Current state of things: Still going strong, but at the moment I'm getting pretty tired. Time to grab the energy drink I'm thinking! Getting close to the end of my current book; I just have one short comic (the Connor spotlight) and one longer one (Auld Lang Syne) left.

I found this video in which hilariously people find it hard to stay up for 24 hours. Amateurs! 😂

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