Saturday, October 24, 2020

Read-a-Thon hours 11 and 12: 17:00 - 19:00

Currently reading: Among the Ghosts by Amber Benson

Pages read these hours: 60

Total pages so far: 384

Books finished:
Help! I'm Trapped in a Vampire's Body by Todd Strasser
The Other (Animorphs #40) by K.A. Applegate

Snacks: I had supper. I went to the local Punjabi takeout place and got a noodle burger.

Current state of things: Pretty good! Disappointed with my total pages at the halfway point, but I think I usually do better in the second half anyway. The last two hours I was more alert reading, but did lose a little time getting my food (though I did bring a book with me) and then eating my food (it was very messy so I had to take a break for that).

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