Thursday, December 10, 2015

2016 NetGalley Reading Challenge

Now this is a challenge I really need to do! My NetGalley score is... not good. I've pretty much left it alone in the last year or so, but for a while I was requesting way too many books, not even realising that I'd never be able to read them all in time. Much the way I buy books, actually...

I'd need to do the Hardcore level (41+ books) to get my score back up to the recommended 80%, but that's just not realistic for me while I'm still in school. So I'll be starting out with the Easy level (5-10 books), and then if I'm doing really well I can move up a level later in the year. As long as I read every single book I request on there, I'll at least be bumping my score up little by little!

I'll list the NetGalleys I read this year below, and link them to the reviews as I write them. (And for this challenge, I really need to actually get around to writing them!)
  1. MRS by Noa Grey
  2. Deadlight Jack by Mark Onspaugh

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