Tuesday, July 21, 2015

High Summer Read-a-Thon Update Post - July 20-26, 2015

It's time for some lovely, relaxed reading time! I said when I signed up that my goal would be to read three books. As it happens, I'm in the middle of three books right now (which isn't my usual reading style, but just kind of happened): Righteous Fury by Markus Heitz (a novel), Winnipeg 1912 by Jim Blanchard (non-fiction), and The Simple Art of Murder by Raymond Chandler (short stories). I think I'll keep working on the books I'm already reading, but may also throw in a short book or two, like an R.L. Stine book, since those are my preferred read-a-thon fare.


July 20: I read a few pages of Righteous Fury by Markus Heitz before falling asleep. It was a busy day!

July 21: Because I felt like something new, I picked up The Boyfriend by R.L. Stine, which is the next book in his Point Horror novels that I've been reading. I read 59 pages of it. For a moment I actually thought I'd figured out the twist and was disappointed, but then I realised I was wrong! So I'm looking forward to the usual twist-out-of-nowhere that makes me love this series so much.

July 22: I read the rest of The Boyfriend (holy plot twists, R.L. Stine!), and then read a few pages of Righteous Fury.

July 23: I read From Anna by Jean Little, cover to cover, 211 pages. I picked this one up at the library while looking for some kids' books to review for Blanket Fort Reviews. I had no idea it would be so wonderful!

July 24: Not much time for reading today. Just a few pages of Righteous Fury I think. I've been falling asleep so quickly at night! Which is good, though not for my reading progress.

July 25: I started reading Medusa Jones by Ross Collins, which is a kids' book I got at the library. I read 39 pages of it.

July 26: I didn't get much reading in today. Just my usual few pages of Righteous Fury before bed.

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  1. I'm glad you're joining me for another read-a-thon, Lianne! You're reading like I read. I always have 3 (or more) books going at once. haha! I hope you're enjoying the read-a-thon so far. I've been busy with the last days of an out of town guest visiting so I'm really behind visiting blogs.