Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello Hot Lunch, Hello Cool Lunch by Lisa Leconte

Title: Hello Hot Lunch, Hello Cool Lunch
Author: Lisa Leconte
Publication Date: April 16, 2013
Length: 136 pages

This is a flip book, with one half being Hello Hot Lunch, and the other half being Hello Cool Lunch. It's a cookbook full of cute lunches to make lunch more exciting for kids.

This wasn't really what I was expecting, in that it's not so much a cookbook as it is a food art book. The recipes aren't so much "this is how you make this food" as they are "this is how you make a bunny out of cheese and put it on top of some food". There are a couple sections with actual recipes, like some easy to make soups, and a list of possible sandwich toppings, which I find to be the most helpful part of this book.

The meals in this book are adorable; I'll give the author that. But throughout the book I was thinking a few things: 1) I might do this once in a while. One time I used a cookie cutter to make heart-shaped pieces of watermelon for my partner and he loved it. But there's no way I'd do this on a regular basis. 2) I really worry that a kid whose consistently given food with bunnies and fishies on it will become one of those horrendously picky eaters, like an amplified version of the kid who'll only eat a grilled cheese sandwich if it's cut diagonally.

Anyway, what person with kids has time to cut little bunnies to put on their lunches? I guess this book is aimed at a very specific subset of stay-at-home parents, who are very lucky in how much time they have on their hands.

1 star.

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