Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ghosts Beneath Our Feet by Betty Ren Wright

Title: Ghosts Beneath Our Feet
Author: Betty Ren Wright
Publication Date: 1984
Length: 137 pages

After the death of her step-father, Katie is moving to a small town for the summer with her mom and step-brother, and she's excited for the change. But the town isn't all she'd hoped for; it's practically deserted, and some of the other kids don't seem very nice. The superstitious Cornish residents of the town  tell tales of the ghosts of the miners that died in the mine 30 years ago, and are now trying to escape.

Like a lot of Betty Ren Wright's books, this one has sort of an interesting twist, in that what's a ghost and what's not, and what the intentions of said ghosts are, is not necessarily what you'd expect along the way.

In addition to the mystery of the "knackers" (the ghosts of the miners) and the ghost of a girl that Katie keeps seeing, there's the story of Katie's family. Her step-brother, Jay, is going through a hard time after the death of his father, and acting out as a result. I enjoyed the changing dynamics between Katie and Jay as the story progressed.

4 stars.

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