Thursday, November 8, 2012


This post will contain mostly personal stuff and not a lot of stuff really relevant to the blog. Feel free to skip it if that doesn't appeal to you. I'll have another review posted tomorrow morning! :)

So, last Thursday was the first blogiversary of The Towering Pile! I meant to celebrate. I really did. As I've mentioned, I've been suffering some writer's block for the last month or two, though I feel that's finally coming to an end. As a result, on my blogiversary, I didn't have anything written, and was planning to write something on my lunch break, just a quick post, maybe giving some stats from my first year of blogging. Well, that day I got laid off from my job. So needless to say I was a bit thrown off.

Sidenote: It would probably seem silly to a non-blogger (but you all understand, right?), but getting laid off on my blogiversary felt a lot like getting laid off on my birthday or something. Like, somehow worse than if it were just a normal day. I guess that shows what a big part of my life this blog has become!

Anywho, so that's my excuse for not celebrating. Maybe around year end I'll celebrate my first full year of blogging, instead. :) But I wanted to post this update just because it felt wrong to let it go by unrecognised. The past year has been awesome. I've discovered so many great books (which, by the way, totally goes against this blog's purpose, which is getting through Mount TBR), read so many great blogs, and had a tonne of fun participating in read-a-thons, challenges, etc. This blog's not popular, but that just means I'm more aware of those of you who do follow me, and every time you comment on one of my posts, it really makes my day. So thank you! You all basically rock!


  1. Happy blogoversary, a few days late! Yes, us fellow bloggers totally understand about a bad day on your blogoversary. Not a fun time. Also, sorry you were laid off. =O(

    1. Thanks Michelle! On the bright side, I'm enjoying the time off. In between job hunting, lots of reading. :)

  2. Happy Blogoversary! I'm sorry that your big day was ruined. We'll be job hunting together. It's hard out here in these streets :) I haven't gotten to enjoying the time off yet but there's time for that right ;)