Friday, November 30, 2012

November 2012 Wrap-Up

Here's a summary of my book-related activity for November. You'd think I'd have bought less books, seeing as how I'm unemployed at the moment, but nope. I had gift cards.

Books I read (linked to the reviews)

Uglies: Shay's Story by Scott Westerfeld (library book)
Rick & Wylie's Fantastical, Magical Adventures by Andi Katsina (review copy) (DNF)
The Andalite's Gift (Megamorphs #1) by K.A. Applegate (TBR pile)
Cat or Dog for President by Julia Dweck (review copy)
We're All Different but We're All Kitty Cats: First Day of School by Peter J. Goodman (review copy)
Skin Again by bell hooks (library book)
The Mine by John A. Heldt (review copy)
The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd (library book)
"Who Could That Be at This Hour?" by Lemony Snicket (new book)
Twelve Months by Steven Manchester (review copy)
S is for Space by Ray Bradbury (TBR pile)
Shifted Perspective by J. Bridger (review copy)

Books I bought

Ash by Malinda Lo
This is Not a Test
by Courtney Summers
The Knife of Never
Letting Go
by Patrick Ness
The Iron King by
Julie Kagawa

Serenity: Those Left Behind
by Joss Whedon
"Who Could That Be at This
Hour?" by Lemony Snicket

For the Win by
Cory Doctorow
The Magicians by
Lev Grossman

Books I've been approved for on NetGalley

The Uninvited
by Liz Jensen

Other e-books I received for review

North Pole High: A Rebel
Without a Clause by
Candace Jane Kringle

Cat or Dog for President
by Julia Dweck
The Tree With No Branches
by Johnny Knew

The Journey by John A. Heldt
Bright Star
by Nickie Anderson
The Living Room
by Bill Rolfe

Shadows of Kings
by Jack Whitsel

Progress on challenges

Dime Store Magic was supposed to be my November book for the Read Your OWN Library! Challenge, but I didn't get to it! This is the first time in the year I've been doing this challenge that I've failed to read the book I'd planned! :( I did read some other older books though, so I could have done it if I'd just chosen a different book.

S is for Space was my November Random Read.

I completed the following letters for the 2012 A-Z Book Challenge: U

I read 2 books for the Mount TBR Reading Challenge.

I read 0 books for the 2012 Anne Rice Challenge.

Operation: TBR Reduction: I added 16 books to my to read list and removed 12 (the ones I read, plus 3 NetGalleys that had expired), so my pile increased by 4 this month.

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