Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy news!

So, I have an excuse for not posting in a little while. I'm engaged!!!

So, I've been a little wrapped up in wedding planning lately. I'm not getting married until September 2013, but it turns out that venues book up like a year and a half in advance, so already there are places with no free Saturdays in that month! Therefore, finding a venue is currently the urgent part of my planning!

If you're interested in seeing my ideas, I've started pinning some things. If I come up with cool bookish wedding ideas, I'll definitely post about them here! (But don't worry, I promise that this will not become a wedding planning blog. I have my journal on the wonderful Offbeat Bride for that.)


  1. Congrats! I certainly want to see posts of wedding planning :) I guess I'll have to hop over to your pins then. I love it! I'm super happy for you. You are going to have a blast.

    1. Thanks Alexis!! I'm definitely having fun so far! I see some awesome bookish decorations in my future... :)