Thursday, February 23, 2012

Goodreads Catch-Up Read-a-Thon

GoodReads Readathon Button

I've never actually understood read-a-thons that are of the days-long variety. I mean, you're obviously not going to read the whole time, like in Dewey's read-a-thon, so what's the point? How's it different from your normal day-to-day reading? However. I am behind on my reading (hence the slowness of this blog in the last couple weeks; sorry!), and maybe this will give me some motivation to get crackin'.

Click the image above for full details, but basically the read-a-thon goes from February 24 to March 1. And there will be mini-challenges. :) Technically this challenge is to catch up on your Goodreads reading goal; I'm only one book behind on my goal, but I guess that still counts! Mostly I just need to catch up on the little pile of things I need/want to have read by a certain time.

So, now for what I'm going to read. I'd be thrilled if I could just finish Stolen by Kelley Armstrong and The Queen of the Damned (audiobook) by Anne Rice. If a miracle happens and I have time for more than that, then I'd probably read The Whipping Club, since it comes out on March 1 and I'll feel bad if I don't get that NetGalley read and reviewed before the publication date.

If you're participating in this read-a-thon, too, let me know in the comments, and we can cheer each other on!

My Erratic Updates:

February 26 - 2:30 PM:
About 2 and a half days into the read-a-thon.
I've read 98 pages of Stolen, and listed to about 2 hours of The Queen of the Damned.

February 27 - 5:30 PM:
Almost 4 days into the read-a-thon.
Since my last update, I've read 163 pages of Stolen, and listened to about 1.5 hours of The Queen of the Damned. I got lots of reading done yesterday evening! :)

February 28 - 9:30 AM:
Just over 4 days into the read-a-thon.
Between last night and this morning (on my short commute) I read the last 95 pages of Stolen, and listened to about 2 hours of The Queen of the Damned. I'm still only about half way through it! So unfortunately it doesn't look like I'm going to finish it in February. :( Tonight I'll get started on The Whipping Club, though, since I can't listen to an audiobook in bed (I don't think that would help me sleep!).


  1. Thanks for joining!! I really hope that you have fun! I can't wait to see what everyone has read! Happy reading!

  2. I just signed up!! Thanks for the heads up on this read-a-thon.

    1. No problemo! Good luck with your reading! :)