Saturday, December 8, 2018

2019 Flourish and Blotts Reading Challenge

Time to sign up for another 2019 reading challenge! I found this Harry Potter-themed challenge and just had to join in the fun. You can see their challenge post on Instagram here.

There are 52 total prompts, each corresponding to a character, class, or other concept from Harry Potter. You can do any number of them, but the levels are Ron = 12 prompts, Harry = 24 prompts, and Hermione = 52 prompts. Naturally I'm aiming for Hermione, but not putting too much pressure on myself.

Here are the prompts, and I'll fill in the books I read for them throughout the year:

  1. Harry: (re)Read a Harry Potter book
  2. Ron: Read a book under 200 pages
  3. Hermione: Read a book over 500 pages
  4. Ginny: Read a poetry book
  5. Luna Lovegood: Read a book about creativity or something unusual
  6. Fred & George: Reada  book with twins in it
  7. Fleur Delacour: Read a book translated from another language
  8. Dumbledore's Army: Read a book about social justice or a current issue
  9. Professor McGonagall: Read a book with a strong female lead
  10. Dumbledore: Read a book involving a school or teacher
  11. Gilderoy Lockhart: Read a book from a celebrity book club
  12. Umbridge: Read a book with a pink cover
  13. Snape: Read a book that includes page 394
  14. Newt: Read a book containing a fantastic beast (any beast that can be found in the Fantastic Beasts textbook)
  15. Bathilda Bagshot: Read a book written by a woman
  16. Godric: Read a book that represents Gryffindor's values
  17. Helga: Read a book that represents Hufflepuff's values
  18. Rowena: Read a book that represents Ravenclaw's values
  19. Salazar: Read a book that represents Slytherin's values
  20. The Chosen One: Read a book that mentions Harry Potter in it
  21. He Who Must Not Be Named: Read a book with a character that shares a name with a character from Harry Potter
  22. Deathly Hallows: Read a book with a symbol on the cover
  23. Gryffindor: Read a book recommended by a Gryffindor
  24. Hufflepuff: Read a book recommended by a Hufflepuff
  25. Ravenclaw: Read a book recommended by a Ravenclaw
  26. Slytherin: Read a book recommended by a Slytherin
  27. House Cup: Read a book that has won an award
  28. Quidditch: Read a book involving a sport
  29. Wizarding Radio: Listen to an audiobook
  30. Hogwarts Library: Read a book you checked out from the library or borrowed from a friend
  31. Herbology: Read a book related to nature
  32. Potions: Read a book with potions, alchemy, or chemistry in it
  33. Astronomy: Read a book with a star on the cover or in the title
  34. Defense Against the Dark Arts: Read a book about Good vs. Evil
  35. Transfiguration: Read a book about a huge change
  36. History of Magic: Read a historical fiction
  37. Charms: Read a book with a charming cover
  38. Care of Magical Creatures: Read a book with an animal on the cover
  39. Arithmancy: Read a book with a number in the title
  40. Ancient Runes: Read a book set before you were born
  41. Flying: Read a book with a bird on the cover
  42. Divination: Read a book that includes prophecy or fortune telling
  43. Muggle Studies: Read a memoir or biography
  44. Apparition: Read a book set somewhere you want to travel
  45. Restricted Section: Read a banned book
  46. Durmstrang: Read a book with a boat in it
  47. Beauxbatons: Read a book by a French author
  48. Ilvermorny: Read a book by an American author
  49. Gringotts: Read a book with gold foiling
  50. Flourish and Blotts: Read a 2019 release
  51. The Dark Mark: Read a book with a dark cover
  52. Hogwarts: A History: Read a book that intimidates you


  1. The Harry Potter challenge sounds really fun! But I took a break from big challenges this year and I think that will continue into next year.

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