Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some Life Updates

You may have noticed I've been a bit absent in recent months! I figure it's time for some general life updates for those of you who are interested in such things.

First of all, I got married!! (We don't have the professional pictures yet, so this picture of us dancing the night away will have to do for now!)

In other news, I'm back in school! In 2010 I graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Computer Science, and have since realised that that is just not a field I want to be in, so I'm going to be a librarian instead! So, this summer I started taking online courses towards a diploma in Library and Information Technology from Red River College. Very exciting!

So, between going back to school and planning a wedding (all while working two jobs), my free time had pretty much disappeared, hence the lack of regular blog posting. But now that the wedding's over, and I'm sort of settling into being a student again, I'm starting to write reviews again! So you can expect a more regular schedule again going forward.

Other excitement:

That would be me with Kelley Armstrong! I went to her book signing for Omens and it was awesome. Kelley Armstrong is about as cool as you would expect the woman who wrote Women of the Otherworld to be.


  1. Welcome back, Lianne! Congrats on the wedding. You two look very happy. Great news about the librarian course and meeting Kelley. Exciting on both accounts! Incidentally, I didn't know one could get a librarian degree online. I should look into that. :)

    1. Thanks Michelle! I don't know how different it would be in the states, but in Canada quite a few community colleges offer the diploma entirely through distance ed I think. Worth looking into for sure!