Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Challenge Completed: 2013 Women Challenge

I finished a challenge! Considering how far behind I usually am on most challenges, it's extra exciting that I finished one in the first half of the year! My goal in the Women Challenge was the highest level available: 16 books written by women. I knew this would be easy for me, because I already read what I think is a pretty even spread between male and female authors. I tend to prefer women authors, though there are some men among my favourites as well.

Check out the books I read for this challenge (and continue to read; I'm still adding to the list for the rest of the year!) on my challenge post. You can see other reviews people have written for this challenge here (which I just discovered; I still have to add all of my reviews there).

Thanks to Peek-a-booK! for creating this challenge! :)